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VEEAPE AP2 Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator


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  • Veeape mini electric portable air compressor, multifunction cordless air inflator is perfect for bicycle tires and small tires, small swimming rings, basketball, football, rugby but do not support big truck tires, big motercycle tires, travel pillow, inflatable toys, big pool inflatable devices like pool float,boat etc.
  • The air pump contains only 30 to 60% of the electricity, so you need to fully charge it before using it for the first time.
  • Due to the operating principle of the air pump, all pumps on the market are very noisy. Tested at a distance of one meter to the product, most products on the market have a resolution of 90 decibels and our air pump is optimized for a noise reduction of 80 decibels. If you use it, you can still feel a bit loud, but it's normal, feel free to use it.
  • This product is a portable mini air pump that can be used as emergency equipment for car tires and is not a professional tire pump for car tires.
  • Veeape air pump can not be used in trucks, air mattresses.

The Product Has 5 Modes.

  • The default PSI of Car mode is 35PSI/2.4bar, and the adjustable range of PSI is 0-65PSI.
  • The default PSI of Motorcycle mode is 40PSI, and the adjustable range of PSI is 0-55PSI.
  • The default PSI of Bicycle mode is 38PSI, and the adjustable range of PSI is 0-120PSI.
  • The default PSI of Custom mode is 120PSI, and the adjustable range of PSI is 0-150PSI.
  • The default PSI of Ball mode is 8PSI, and the adjustable range of PSI is 0-15PSI.
  • Each mode has set the maximum safety PSI to prevent the tires from bursting.

Make Reading Accurate

  • After turning on the device, if the measured pressure value is not 0, press the U/LED [16] and the SET [19] button for 3 seconds at the same time, the device will enter the automatic reading clearing process, and the display will flash rapidly.
  • Note: The product has been cleared from the factory. Due to altitude differences, clearing readings will increase the measurement accurancy. Do not connect the inflated items when clearing.

How To Use:

  1. Long press the power button for 3 seconds and wait for the progress bar to complete.
  2. Short press the set button to select 5 modes of inflatable spicial scene.
  3. Short press the U/LED button to switch the air pressure unit,1PS1=6.89KPA,1BAR=100KPA,1Kg/cm2=98KPA
  4. Short press the preset +/.buttons to adjust the preset pressure.Long press them to adjust the value quickly.
  5. Short press the power button to start.

Upgraded Smart Portable Air Inflator with Extra-Large Capacity 2*2000mAh


  • - Built-in 2*2000mAh Lithium Battery extra-Large capacity
  • - Cordless air compressor to pump items, safety and convenience
  • - Digital LCD pressure gauge, come with 0-150psi, accurate pressure preset available
  • - Super Bright LED Flashlight AND 4 optional units as PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg / cm²
  • - Our pump is suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, Lawn mower tires, small and medium cars including SUV but do not support big truck tires, Van, bus, RV 

Extra Characteristic

  • a. Rechargeable Powerful tire inflator, support home and car charging
  • b. Quick and easy to use, fast charging
  • c. Compact, portable,lightweight and mini design.
  • d. Come with different nozzles and adaptors that fits the car/bicycle tires/basketballs/inflatable toys/ small swimming ring
  • e. Wonderful heat dissipation -In the bicycle air pump there is a built-in fan, provide good heat dissipation, so it can work continuously, never get hot.


2*2000mAh High capacity battery with excellent performance

 Veeape portable air pump has built-in 2*2000mAh lithium battery, it provides powerful energy, can work continuously, longer working time and life than other pump.

 Test data comes from our company's internal test (If there is a mismeasure, please perform a manual test, accurate data is subject to the actual measurement.)

 Inflatable capacity will increase or decrease depending on the temperature and pressure of the environment

[1] The full charged mini air commpressor pump can fill a bicycle tire in 3 minutes and it can fill 8 bicycle tires in total

[2] The full charged mini air pump can fill a car tire in 6 minutes and it can fill 5 car tires in total

[3] The full charged mini air pump for inflatables can fill a Motorcycle tire in 6 minutes and it can fill 6 Motorcycle tires in total

[4] The full charged mini air pump for tires can fill a football in 1 minutes and it can fill 41 footballs in total


VEEAPE AP2 Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator
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